Mei, sus primeros meses en la Universidad

Mei lleva ya unos meses en la Universidad, la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Chiang Rai Rajabhat. Está muy contenta y se esfuerza mucho, tiene muy claro que no nos va a defraudar.  Además podemos constatar que su inglés ha mejorado muchísimo. Transcribo una carta que nos envió hace unos meses y lo podreis comprobar vosotros mismos:

Hello! Teacher Imma, Xavier and everyone. I hope you are doing well. I am very happy to write this report in English again if anything was wrong I apologize now. I have studying at Chiang Rai Rajabhat university In English program for two month now. It’s quite a lot difficult but but never mind because I love it. 
i've decided to to study in this program so i will try and will do it better and better. My English is improve now. I practice my English by watch English conversation video and listen English songs always. I think when I was finished University my English will be good because most of subject I have study in English. 
There are fourty-fives students in my class room. I am an only Lahu student in this classroom so no one speak Lahu language with me but it was find because I should learn others language.
Life of University student isn’t the same as high school student at all. I  have to do everything by myself, adjust myself to be a person who have responsibility and learn how to solve the problem.
I had learnt a lot from teachers, friends and society. It have good and bad thing  but I should to learn both of them to remind myself that what I should to do and what I should to be? However I will intend in class and to be good student.
Thank you everyone for encourage me and always give me love, take care, help and for all thing .
I promise that I never disappoint you. Thank you so much

Enhorabuena Mei!!!  Realmente tus progresos son espectaculares.

A todos los que querais colaborar con el proyecto podeis hacer vuestra aportación a la cuenta destinada íntegramente a éste:

Banc de Sabadell 


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